H/t to our friends at The Fix for their great analysis on the “limits of the personhood attack.” We’ve been saying this for months, but it’s always nice to have that third party validation.

The “war on women” has worked for Democrats in the past, but at some point the attack was bound to become stale. And, as recent polling shows, it has finally ceased to be effective.

Despite getting beat over the head day-in and day-out over personhood, Gardner has not only managed to stay competitive in the race for U.S. Senate, but he has actually increased his popularity while Sen. Mark Udall is becoming more disliked by the minute.

The Fix points out a Gallup chart that actually shows abortion and contraception rank pretty low in importance when compared to other issues like ISIS, the economy, and the budget deficit.  Equal pay was suppose to be a sweet spot for Udall, but he blew that by not even paying the women in his office equally.  

Bottom line: this chart should scare the pants off Team-Udall since they’re hinging their entire campaign on a message that voters have put on the back burner.