We’ve already written a post on a Colorado Democratic ad that uses the murder of a little girl to make a very tangential attack on a Republican.  Now, another Democratic dominated outside group (with many of the same donors as the murder ad group) has sent out another preposterous mailer.  This time, the Democratic group, Mainstream Colorado, is claiming Republican Candidate for SD 16, Tim Neville, would want the government to investigate miscarriages.  9News got a hold of the mailer and went to get to the bottom of it:

Yep, that’s right, Planned Parenthood could not back up their claim with even a single example from across the entire country.  These disgusting ads by Colorado Democrats show just how desperate they are to maintain power, despite being unable to run on their record.  If Democrats are so proud of all the uber liberal legislation they have passed over the past two years, why aren’t they running on the gun laws they passed, or any of the other number of “popular” bills they’ve enacted.

Colorado Democrats tactics speak for themselves this cycle.