i voted stickerRepublicans in Colorado are continuing to outpace Democrats in early ballot returns, maintaining their lead with ballots returned as of this morning.  The Secretary of State’s office reported that 660,113 ballots have been cast.  Here’s the breakdown:


D: 213,975

R: 282,317

U: 156,893

For those of you keeping score at home, right now, turnout stands at 42.8% R, 32.4% D, and 23.8% U.  This is still a far cry from the 33D/33R/33U model that some polls have used.  Republicans continue to lead turnout.

Below are the ballot returns for Jefferson and Arapahoe Counties – two of the most watched counties in the country.

Jefferson County (Total: 94,010)

D: 30,186 (32.1%)

R: 38,286 (40.7%)

U: 24,673 (26.2%)

Arapahoe County (Total: 75,574)

D: 24,410 (32.3%)

R: 32,979 (43.6%)

U: 17,545 (23.2%)

See the ballot returns from October 17th here, October 20th here, and October 24 here. The next report will come out on Wednesday.