DenverPostLogo1What a bunch of whiny babies.  We reported on the full week of whining from the left over The Denver Post‘s endorsement of Republican challenger Rep. Cory Gardner over lackluster incumbent U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, but this latest stunt by and NARAL is just petty bulls#!& that uncovers just how small-minded these groups are.  According to the Aurora Sentinel, the extreme leftist groups delivered 12,000 petitions to The Denver Post demanding that the largest newspaper in Colorado retract it’s endorsement of Gardner.  Here’s the petition, see below for language of this petition posted by someone affiliated with The Nature Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Denver Post retract your endorsement of Cory Gardner

As a woman and a supporter of women’s rights and marriage equality, I am totally gasping at the Post’s endorsement of Cory Gardner. Please Denver Post retract your endorsement of Cory Gardner. I started this petition because I am a woman and am a strong advocate for women’s rights and marriage equality. I also care about our environment, immigration reform, health care, jobs, tax reform, and a functioning Congress. Mark Udall is the only choice for U.S. Senate in Colorado if these things are important to you!

Of course, it’s probably not necessary to point out that Gardner has been innovative regarding women’s rights, and most of the other issues that the author of this petition hits; whereas, Udall has been entirely ineffective during his tenure in Washington, D.C., but we digress.

Since 2004, The Denver Post has almost exclusively endorsed Democrats for major statewide offices.  Here’s a breakdown of the endorsements:

2004: Salazar (D) (it’s worth noting that The Denver Post endorsed President Bush this year)

2006: Ritter (D)

2008: Obama (D); Udall (D)

2010: Bennet (D); Hickenlooper (D)

2012: Obama (D)

2014: Gardner (R); Hickenlooper (D)

This is the first time in ten years that The Denver Post has endorsed a Republican for a major statewide office.  In those past ten years, how many times has the Republican Party thrown such an epic temper tantrum over an endorsement?  Sure, we grumble and say we expected this with the liberal mentality over there, but liberals have taken this to a whole new level that borders on mob mentality and censorship.

To actually recruit Democratic leaders to write their own endorsements to place in the paper, distribute a petition calling for the retraction of the endorsement (protected under the First Amendment), and then hold a pseudo protest is attempting to bully the newspaper to report as liberals prefer is wrong.  If the right were engaging in such tactics, we’d think they were wrong – and tacky, too. The left has every right to disagree with The Denver Post, but this is a step too far.

The real question is whether The Nature Conservancy, NARAL and other leftist groups are really concerned about these issues or their investment in Mark Udall and his dependable vote.