What is normally a boring race for an office that gets little attention has turned out to be one of the nastiest, and frankly, most entertaining to watch of 2014. We are, of course, referring to the match up between current Treasurer Walker Stapleton and failed Congresswoman Betsy Markey.  markey

Desperate to regain a modicum of relevance and conceal that she knows nothing about the job for which she is running, Markey has been relying on nasty and untrue attacks. She has repeatedly accused Stapleton of being a no show at work based on key card records that paint an incomplete picture of his attendance. As Revealing Politics and 9News have demonstrated, there are a multitude of other ways that Stapleton could be entering the building and Markey has no proof to back up her claims.

What makes this even more amusing is that using Markey’s system for calculating days on the job, Compass Colorado has discovered that Gov. John Hickenlooper has worked “zero days since his gubernatorial election.”

From the group’s latest press release:

According to the ridiculous logic asserted by Betsy Markey in her desperate attack ad against Treasurer Walker Stapleton, John Hickenlooper hasn’t worked a single day since his gubernatorial election. Markey disingenuously asserts that Stapleton only worked on days his keycard to the capitol building was swiped at an entrance. Compass Colorado filed a Colorado open records request with the Governor’s office for his keycard entry records and was informed the Governor has been issued no such card.

Obviously, the assertion that the governor has worked zero days is just as ridiculous as the assertion that Stapleton is only working if his key card has been swiped. It’s no wonder that Markey’s smear-campaign has failed to gain any traction.

It is also worth mentioning that, despite Markey’s smear campaign, Stapleton has enjoyed the endorsement of seven of the state’s top newspapers whereas Markey hasn’t earned the support of a single one.   If there were any merit to her attacks, you can bet that dynamic would be reversed.