Well that didn’t take long.

The polls haven’t even closed and already Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall is doing everything in her power to sabotage the election results by not allowing GOP election watchers enough time to challenge voter signatures.

Boulder Clerk Hillary Hall

Since Colorado does not have a voter ID laws, verifying a voter’s signature is one of the primary methods for protecting against fraud. Fox 31 political reporter Eli Stokols explains why this especially matters in Boulder:

The lawsuit comes one day before the end of an election in which Colorado’s U.S. Senate race could affect the balance of power in Washington, DC — a race that is expected to be close and one in which Democratic Sen. Mark Udall is counting on a strong turnout in Boulder County, his home base and one of the state’s bluest counties, to eke out a win over Republican challenger Cory Gardner.

Udall’s alleged winning turn out strategy has resorted to running up the score in Boulder County. A move clearly born out of desperation considering the GOP maintains a hefty lead among early returns. It was actually pretty sad watching Udall spend his weekend begging for votes in Democrat strongholds like Boulder. He basically stopped just short of kicking in doors and dragging people to the polls.

It is no wonder that obstructionists like Hall are pulling out all the stops. Not ones to let injustice stand, however, Boulder County Republicans are suing, but their lawsuit won’t be heard in time to impact the election. Hopefully, a public shaming and concern for her own political career can get Hall to back down.