MichaelBennetofficialphotoSenator Mumbles is starting off his bid to be re-elected in 2016 by taking a page right out of soon-to-be-ex Senator Mark Udall’s playbook: voicing a desire for President Obama to force through O’s agenda without consent from Congress.  We know Michael Bennet was busy working hard to lose eight nine seats (sorry Landrieu, you have about as much hope of surviving as a New Orleans snowman in July) this past year, so he may not have noticed when Udall came out and praised Obama for taking unilateral action on coal.  As we wrote at the time:

…[W]hen Obama announced some of the most extreme EPA regulations in our country’s history, instead of standing up to him (like many of his fellow Senate Democrats did), Udall applauded and said Obama should have more power to act unilaterally. [the Peak’s emphasis]

The news from Politico today is that Senator Mumbles has signed on to a letter asking Obama to grab more power and act without Congressional consent on immigration.  As Politico writes:

…Democratic leaders sent a letter to Obama on Monday, urging him to use his… executive powers

… The letter was signed by Reid and Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois, Chuck Schumer of New York, Patty Murray of Washington, Bob Menendez of New Jersey and Michael Bennet of Colorado. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Let’s see, Illinois – blue, Washington – blue, New Jersey – blue, New York – bluer than Cookie Monster’s ass.  Which makes us wonder, why would a Senator from such a purple state as Colorado align himself with Democratic Senators who have to worry more about getting hit by a meteor than losing a re-election?  Hilariously enough, the Democratic Senators’ letter claims the American public stands with them… less than three weeks after that same American public resoundingly voted against them at the polls.  As Eli Stokols of KDVR writes:

“Immigrant communities have waited too long for House Republicans to catch up with the American public’s support for comprehensive immigration reform,” the letter states.

Senate Democrats claiming they have the “American public’s support” right now is like Marie Antoinette claiming how much the French masses love her.  If it wasn’t for Michelle Obama outlawing everything that tastes good (more Obama unilateral power), we bet Senator Mumbles would have already sent out a press release stating Coloradans can eat cake, as well.

In fact, a new USA Today poll (h/t: Nick Riccardi) shows 46% of Americans want Obama to hold off acting on immigration by himself, while only 42% endorse the same position as Bennet, or, as Senate Democrats like to call 42%, “the American public.”

With Obama’s popularity still in the cellar here in Colorado, Bennet’s stated desire for Obama to have more power, is certainly putting Bennet’s neck on the line… politically speaking of course.