New York politics comes to Colorado.

New York style politics is coming to Colorado.

Is there no one left in the State of Colorado who knows how to manage a Democratic race for the U.S. Senate?

Last year we had Chris Harris of Kansas leading the communication efforts of Mark Udall’s failed reelection bid, and now U.S. Sen. Mike Bennet has hired Dan McNally of Geneva, New York, to manage his campaign.

McNally currently lives in Washington, D.C., which is helpful because that’s where Bennet now lives.

Most recently McNally worked for Bennet at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, where he was afforded the chance to participate in last year’s disastrous efforts to keep the Senate under Democratic control and defeat GOP Leader Mitch McConnell.

As Bennet’s campaign manager, we look forward to McNally bringing those same calamitous talents to the 2016 campaign.

McNally offered the Denver Post “a glimpse at Bennet’s campaign themes in a statement announcing his new role.”

Bennet “has a reputation as someone who offers solutions and cuts through the dysfunction to get things done for Colorado. It’s the hard work that he and his office have put in over the last few years that are why he will win re-election in 2016,” McNally said.

You mean like when he cut through the dysfunction of Obamacare? We must have missed that memo. What else has he tried to do for Colorado? Block federal gun control efforts? Fix the broken immigration system? Secure the Keystone pipeline?

We look forward to hearing about Bennet’s soon-to-be-invented record for Colorado.

McNally’s New York political credentials include his work on the campaigns of Rep. Louise Slaughter, an outspoken supporter of Obamacare, and the 2010 campaign of Rep. Dan Maffei, who was defeated last year when his ads backfired with women, among other problems.

Ah, that takes us back

With his background, we expect to see a curious sort of connection with Colorado voters, where McNally will focus Bennet’s campaign on outlawing Big Gulps, guns, and pissing off women.