Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton’s announcement that was running for president was perhaps the least surprising and definitely the most unnecessarily prolonged process in recent presidential history.  While her surrogates claimed she would announce at noon ET, her announcement didn’t come until three hours later, invoking the hate and wrath of media (and supporters) across the country, even inspiring hashtags like #WaitingForHillary and #WhyIsHillaryLate.  We would never do that to you, PeakNation™.

So, Hillary Clinton is in, and without further delay, we give you the top 10 reasons Colorado is not #ReadyforHillary.

10) Hillary’s biggest problem in Colorado is simply that she’s not in touch with the common man. While she was kvetching about being “dead broke” after leaving the White House because she could barely afford her million dollar house in Chappaqua, NY. We feel great sympathy for her, truly.  Let’s ask the family who can barely pay the mortgage on their $325,000 house in Centennial.  The difference here is that President Bill Clinton could round up a speaking gig or two and have the money to pay the mortgage for another year.  What does the family in Centennial do?  What if he’s laid off?  What if she’s laid off?  What if they’re both working and simply cannot make ends meet?

The difference is opportunity.  Her comments, which she attributes to being “inartful” show just how very far removed the Clintons are from the challenges of everyday people, who really make up the majority of Colorado.

9) Hillary’s announcement on Twitter (or maybe by D.C. lobbyist John Podesta?) sounds like a great idea, until you think about all the people not on Twitter.  How many Democratic primary voters in Iowa, her achilles heel in 2008, use Twitter?  How many Democratic primary voters in Colorado are breathlessly following her on Twitter right now?  Then again, if we had as much baggage as Clinton does, we wouldn’t announce to a live audience either.

8) Colorado hates a coronation.  The last candidate to pursue the coronation route lost big.  Mark Udall and his family dynasty were soundly rejected by Colorado voters in 2014.  If Hillary thinks this is her election, Colorado will surely set her straight.

7) Perhaps there’s no better indication that Colorado is not ready for Hillary than an urban liberal, completely out of touch with reality, breathlessly tweeting that Colorado is ready for Hillary.

6) Coloradans love them some transparency, and hate the Washington machine. Clinton is a product of the Washington machine, and her scandal-rich history clearly puts her at odds with the Colorado electorate.  Missing emails, Benghazi, Vince Foster, and the list goes on and on.

5) Even her loyal subjects are wavering. Her own brother-from-another-mother and former campaign manager turned reviled Mayor of New York City, Bill DeBlasio, is unsure he will endorse her.

4) Before Obamacare was Obamacare, it was known as Hillarycare.  Colorado has experienced some serious pain as a result of Obamacare.  It’s unlikely that we will soon embrace the mother of such a beastly idea.

3) Colorado would really like the opportunity to vote Democratic Sen. Bennet out of office.  If Hillary anoints him her Veep, she would rob us of the chance to finally put a nail in the coffin of the Bannock Street Project.

2) Colorado already demonstrated it’s interest in her presidential run (hint: it’s not high). Last May, tickets to Hillary’s keynote address at the 1stBank Center in Broomfield ended up on Living Social at a deep discount. The venue held 6,500 people.  When we checked, Living Social sold a paltry 286 tickets.  As we asked then, who wants the Dollar Store version of a

1) Quinnipiac asked whether Colorado was ready for a Hillary presidency.  Colorado said no. Last week’s Quinnipiac poll showed nearly every Republican contender either beating her, tying with her, or within the margin of error to defeat her.

Colorado is a crucial swing state for any presidential candidate, and a bellwether state for the rest of the country.  If Colorado isn’t ready for Hillary, is any state?