Hillary Rodham ClintonThe collective cheer from far left women across the country was palpable when Hillary Clinton (freaking finally) announced her run for presidency. Liberal women immediately began dredging up the left’s tired “war on women” messaging across the country. Surprisingly, even liberal women in Colorado jumped on the bandwagon, including General of the failed war on women messaging, Laura Chapin.

It’s not surprising that Chapin would harp on this. It is surprising that the left would embrace such messaging after being annihilated in 2014 for screeching this message so loudly that it not only alienated would-be male voters, but also even female voters, who questioned whether the Democratic Party cared about anything other than their ovaries.

Here’s what Chapin told The Denver Post about Hillary’s run:

“My mom would love to see the first woman president happen in her lifetime, and so would many, many other women,” she said.

“The Republican primary has been and will be a race to the bottom on issues affecting Coloradans, from supporting middle class families to immigration reform to reproductive and privacy rights. I think a lot of Colorado voters will look at Hillary and think, ‘She represents my values. They don’t.’”

While it’s true that it would be great to see a female U.S. President, the left’s sycophantic obsession with Hillary Clinton shows that they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes they made in 2014.  Poll after poll shows that women in Colorado care about real issues like education and the economy.  Reproductive rights fall almost to the bottom.

Instead of finding a qualified and electable candidate who happens to be female, the left is simply glomming onto the first female candidate who stepped forward.  You know, to advance women’s rights. #herstory  Surely the left hasn’t chased out every moderate, baggage-free female Democrat in the party.  Right?  RIGHT?