dollar signsSen. Michael Bennet is apparently oblivious to what’s going in the state he represents.

Despite the disastrous renewable energy standards forced down the pockets of Coloradans, Bennet is working to share that pain with all Americans through a bill he is cosponsoring to nationalize the requirements.

The Senate bill is almost identical to what is happening in Colorado that would cause electricity bill to escalate, and requires that 30 percent of all power be generated by renewables.

However, while Colorado Democrats gave the utilities a timetable that stretched until 2020 to complete the process, Bennet’s national bill allows Americans a little more time to make the final adjustment – until 2030 – with at least an eight percent crossover in place by 2016.

According to the lead sponsor, that other Udall, Tom, of New Mexico, forcing power companies to sell expensive electricity to consumers makes it cheaper for consumers and saves the planet from climate change.

Apparently, basic economics of supply and demand ceases to exist in the world of Senate Democrats. Last time we checked, raising the price of the supply also raises the cost for those making the demand.

We guess we should be thankful that Democrats are not pursuing the 50 percent standard that was initially considered in Colorado.