Elephant stampede en route to Colorado

Elephant stampede en route to Colorado

Those on the left are desperate to claim that Colorado Republicans are in a weakened state leading into the 2016 elections.  In fact, some suggested that the Republican National Committee had all but abandoned Colorado.  Let’s think through the claim because, at the most basic level, it does not make sense.  Plus, according to our sources, the RNC is not only a definite “yes” for Colorado, but the party left its infrastructure in place from 2014 and will expand here in preparation for 2016.

But, assuming that others don’t have our sources, let’s walk through why this claim from the left makes zero sense.

Colorado Republicans had an amazing election year in 2014, unseating incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Udall as well as taking back the State Senate. Despite electing Cory Gardner to the U.S. Senate, there are many Republicans up for re-election in 2016 in the chamber, and a few Democrats, too.  One of those Democrats is U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.  Bennet is particularly vulnerable and here’s why:

  1. His polling is even worse than Udall’s at a comparable point in the election cycle.
  2. Yes, he won in 2010 during a tough year for Republicans, but he only won by a hair and that was after his opponent shot himself in the foot on national television.
  3. The model that allegedly carried Bennet to victory was the same one that resulted in the 2014 bloodbath.
  4. Frankly, he’s not a charismatic or inspirational leader and sort of a milquetoast campaigner and just plain awful at retail politics.

After a great year in 2014 and a vulnerable candidate for 2016, a year in which Republicans need to hold and win new seats to maintain majority in the U.S. Senate, why would the RNC decide now that it will not play in Colorado? This is even before a candidate has emerged?  It would seem that some bloggers on the left do not dabble in common sense.