We told you last week how Hillary Clinton is struggling to stay likeable in battleground states, like Colorado, so it’s probably no coincidence that challenger U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is visiting Denver to campaign.

Presidential hopeful and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders

The Denver Post reports:

The Vermont senator plans to talk on how to get big money out of politics (good luck on that one), obscene wealth and income equality, climate change and making college affordable.

Colorado liberals are expected to welcome Sanders with open arms, as the left-wing of the party has grown increasingly disgruntled with establishment candidates (see: local Dem hostility toward Gov. Hickenlooper on a number of issues, including fracking and poor leadership at the Department of Human Services).

Even liberals on Facebook seem abuzz with news of the Sanders visit. We realize that is not as scientific as an actual poll, but it still indicates that Clinton might not have Colorado as ‘in the bag’ as people assume.