Hickenlooper TeethGlorious karma has taken a bite out of the government’s backside.

It turns out that the EPA failed to study how endangered species would be affected by its new plan to save the planet by shutting down power plants.

Obviously, neither Hick nor the feds could care less how cutting jobs and forcing Coloradans to pay $700 more a year for electricity would affect humans.

But to toss aside the needs and desires of bugs, plants and animals that are on the verge of extinction?!

We are mortified.

Key GOP congressional leaders have called the EPA’s bluff that it is somehow exempt from the federal law that demands a cumbersome bureaucratic consultation process when a plan puts certain species at risk.

Western lawmakers say the plan threatens the lives of bats and hundreds of thousands a birds every year (Goodbye sage grouse!) because of the windmills that will replace some electricity plants, and puts dozens of other species across the nation at risk.

Ironically, the EPA’s plan to shut down power plants would actually harm the manatee in Florida, because it would also dismantle two critical warm water refuges created by the plants specifically for the marine mammals.

The EPA has until Monday to turn over all documents on its decision to ignore the Endangered Species Act to the House and Senate resource committees.

Hickenlooper signed on to the EPA’s dubious plan in May to dismantle power plants in a questionable effort to reduce CO2 emissions, despite criticism from state GOP lawmakers and Hick’s own energy officials.