flat tireU.S. Rep. Scott Tipton gave a speech on the House floor last night asking that the Interior Department appeal the court decision that threatens to shut down the Colowyo mine and cripple the economies in Meeker and Rio Blanco Counties.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner gave a similar speech on the Senate floor last week, and asked the government to appeal.

However, the senior senator from Colorado, Michael Bennet, has made no public speeches, no public pleas, no utterance of that four-letter word feared and abhorred by all Democrats – coal.

The most hated beer brewery in the state has responded faster than Bennet, but that was for damage control because of their support for WildEarth Guardians, the radical environment group that brought the lawsuit alleging public input was not considered eight years ago when the mine opened.

The federal government has until July 6 to file an appeal, but the only sounds we hear from Democrats are crickets, and desperate pleas from New Belgium not to boycott their beer.

In addition to our call to reject that nasty swill, add Bennet’s reelection to our boycott list.