lawWhoever warned writers not to read comments posted to their stories, sadly never experienced some of our brilliant followers.

Here’s what Peak reader Steve Moore had to say about our post Wednesday, which exposed the federal government for giving a half-million dollar grant to WildEarth Guardians — the same envirowhacktivists who are trying to shut down the Colowyo mine.

“Time to sue them back! Sue them for damages and bankrupt their asses!”

Brilliant, right?

WildEarth Guardians has filed more than 200 lawsuits in less than five years, and is second only to the Sierra Club in the pursuit of regulation via litigation.

These lawsuits aren’t just frivolous, it’s harassment of our legal system and it’s costing taxpayers billions of dollars in court costs and new regulations.

We checked with our lawyer friend, Mr. Google, and it turns out environmental groups have been counter-sued for frivolous suits. In one case, Texas power generator Luminant sued the Sierra Club for a frivolous lawsuit and the company was awarded $6.4 million!

Congress has also investigated sue-and-settle suits, suspecting that there is collusion between the enviros and the government in which a group files a lawsuit to force a new regulation. Then, bureaucrats magically, and quietly cave. That’s how we got saddled with the potential endangered species listing of the sage grouse: sue-and-settle.

“The Department of the Interior and the EPA have used sue-and-settle agreements with environmental pressure groups for decades to evade the Administrative Procedures Act and evade or ignore congressional intent,” said Myron Ebell, director of energy and environment studies at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “The Obama administration is setting new records for engaging in this type of collusion with special interests.”

It’s time we gave these environmental groups and their liberal millionaire supporters a taste of their own medicine.

Sue the bastards.