liftsYour aha moment of the day – the Town of Breckenridge, which wants to raise lift taxes by $6 to pay for more parking, had record-breaking parking revenues last season to the tune of nearly a half million dollars.

Revenues are up 22 percent, due in part to the town’s willingness to actually plow the lots to provide more parking spaces.

We told you last week that Vail Resorts had locked horns with Breckenridge over the proposed tax.

Vail Resorts actually offered to give Breckenridge free money, a cool half-million dollars, to help build a new parking lot. Breckenridge has snubbed their offer.

So what will Breckenridge officials do with all its new parking revenue?

Why, it goes into the general fund to be used for anything they wish.

Apparently, they’re not wishing hard enough for that new parking structure. The tax measure goes to the voters in November.