The Courses at Andrews Air Force Base

The Courses at Andrews Air Force Base

U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter confirms that of course he will support President Obama’s Iran deal, because it’s good for his golf game, and good for America.

We reported last month that Perlmutter had already received his reward in exchange for the vote – a golf outing with Obama at the posh Courses at Andrews Air Force Base.

Then Perlmutter’s public relations team spun into overdrive issuing a ridiculous explanation for the rare outside invitation to a quite common Obama golf outing.

We predicted again on Tuesday the deal was done, which Perlmutter confirmed today in a tweet:

Not only is the deal in America’s best interest, Perlmutter argues, but it includes magical fairy dust to “reduce nuclear tensions in the Middle East and will make our friend and ally, Israel, safer and less prone to nuclear conflict with Iran.”

Did you catch that, Israel? Thanks to Perlmutter, you are now safe.

“I have reached these conclusions after reading and re-reading the Agreement and its attachments, reviewing numerous articles pro and con and quid pro quo, attending classified and unclassified briefings at a military base golf course, discussing the Agreement with its proponents and opponents, and listening to military and diplomatic experts on the 9th hole, friends, family and constituents.”

We can’t say as we’re surprised, but we are disappointed.