A controversial program that provided IUDs to teenage girls and women didn’t get state funding during the last legislative session. Most Republicans were fine seeing the program continue under private funding, but they were unwilling to spend taxpayer money on it.

Since then, Democrats have been bending over backwards to use the funding battle over this IUD program as a wedge issue. The only problem is that the private sector keeps stepping in to save it, basically making liberal talking points on the issue totally irrelevant. public-vs-private

Most recently, the Denver Business Journal reports that the program “will stay alive for at least one more year thanks to $2 million in donations from private foundations.” The article goes on to say, “Others are expected to join the effort that could provide a low- or no-cost device to a least 6,000 least additional patients.”

We’ve previously noted that the private sector’s willingness to step up and keep this program going just proves that government isn’t always the answers. In fact, it rarely is. Not that we expect Democrats to get the message.

They’ll be back next year trying to squeeze taxpayer money into paying for IUDs because that’s what they do. Not because the program actually needs the money, but because Democrats like to beat the “war on women” drum every chance they get. And even though it has lost all effectiveness (see: Cory Gardner crushes Mark Udall in 2014 U.S. Senate race) they’ve got nothing else to talk about.