paula noonan jeffco schoolsIf pro-recall Jeffco voters are concerned that the Jeffco School Board does not represent the middle, wait until they get a look at one potential replacement – Paula Noonan.  If the name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s served on the Jeffco School Board in the past.  In addition, she ran a failed State Senate campaign, started a legislation tracking service, and now serves as a lobbyist.

But, that’s not why you know her name.

You might know her name because she made a spectacle at a Jeffco Schools graduation ceremony. At an event meant to focus on graduates, she delivered what was called by one parent a “a rambling, self-absorbed discourse that confused and embarrassed graduates and their families,” according to 9News. Click on the link to watch the school board member talk about Title 9 (equality in women’s sports) in relation to the female valedictorian and salutatorian (as if they didn’t earn that). She talked about shoes, her dad’s shoes, her grandmother, her grandmother’s saying. It was, in short, a train-wreck.

Or, you might know her name because she was arrested on an outstanding warrant from 2011. Maybe just another case of bad judgment.

Another reason you might know her name? She gave herself a $250,000 loan for a failed state Senate campaign. And, nobody can figure out where she got the money since she already had a second mortgage on her house.  Has anyone asked Pat Stryker or Jared Polis?  Or, perhaps the JCEA might have insight into where this woman found $250,000 to fund a Senate campaign. And, will her mystery benefactor come around again for this campaign?

But, here’s something you might not know. The guy who is running her campaign this go-around is none other than Phil Doe. In case you don’t remember Doe, he’s a rabid fractivist who compared his opponent – that would be former Rep. BJ Nikkel – to Nazis and dogs. He’s also the fractivist who is planning to put a anti-fracking initiative on the ballot.

It would seem to be strange bedfellows unless Doe and Noonan have a common benefactor.

Nonetheless, Noonan has shown time and time again that she lacks judgment. If pro-recallers think that Noonan is more representative of the moderate voters in Jeffco, they obviously haven’t met her.