Fossil Fuel Free Challenge YouTube

Can you imagine living your life without all of the products produced by fossil fuels?

We do, every time we write about the latest fractivist protest or environmental outrage over the evils of said fuels, especially when the protest is dependent upon those products. Oh look, there goes one now.

The Western Energy Alliance has gone a step farther and initiated the Fossil Fuel Free Challenge, daring everyone to go one week without the product that fuels our lives in so many wonderful ways, including beer.

“Recently, more than 400 groups organized in front of the White House to call on President Obama to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Taking these groups at their word, we created the challenge to show that oil and natural gas products are not easily dispensable,” said Tim Wigley, president of Western Energy Alliance.

We’re going to take that challenge, even though smart phones are on that list, and take PeakNation™ along with us kicking and screaming.

The first day challenge is to ride your bike to school or work. Just kidding! Unless you’re biking without rubber tires, seats, brake pads or even pedals, you’re riding fossil fuel.

Instead, your challenge is to go to work or class barefoot. Easy enough for us, because we’re a blogger and never leave the basement.

However, we expect to wildly flunk this test once it progresses through the list of products produced by oil and natural gas, including electricity, plastics, rubber and synthetic fibers.

You can sign up for the challenge here. Let us know just how much simpler, and nakeder, your life is without fossil fuels.