J Williams and sonYesterday, we reported on a new video that was released that showed Jeffco School Board Member Julie Williams talking about how her autistic son, Randy, was bullied into carrying a sign protesting her. After yesterday’s revelation of the union’s bad behavior, we never would have thought that the left could stoop lower.

We were wrong.

Now, the left is basically calling this victim of bullying a liar because a review of two days of video didn’t find any bullying. Here’s a letter┬áthe school sent about the investigation. And, here’s the problem. Williams said thought perhaps her special needs son was bullied on September 18 or September 22, and, thus, that’s the footage that was reviewed. But, we checked the media reports and protests at Standley Lake High School occurred on September 19. Even Williams admitted that she may have the date wrong.

Just because two days of footage did not show an incident of bullying doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. There were many other days during which this could have happened.

But, even more pointed, how outraged would the left be if a victim, say of Bill Cosby, came forward and someone called her a liar? There would be an entire Atlantic article about victim shaming, MSNBC would run a series on it, and, in short, it would have been national news.

Further, since when is the left the arbiter of truth? The pro-recallers flat-out lied about the salary of the superintendent on the ballot. The pro-recallers continue to claim that the Board broke open meetings laws, but cannot produce a shred of credible evidence to support the claims and never filed a suit to support their claims. The pro-recallers have lied at every turn without the media questioning their facts. Any media outlet that picks up a “he said, she said” story about a mother defending her son that she genuinely believes was tormented by his classmates is scum.

And, so are the pro-recallers who are trying to smear the victim in this situation just to cover up their own horrific behavior.