planned parenthoodIn the most bizarre case ever of the pot calling the kettle black, Planned Parenthood supporters will hold a press conference today to unleash a torrent of irresponsible and ill-timed rhetoric blaming last week’s violence on “right-wing” politicians.

According to a press release from ProgressNow Colorado and NARAL, they are holding a press conference this morning to “demand that right wing politicians in Colorado at every level apologize for their false claims about the organization that are increasing violence against women’s health care providers.”

“It’s time to name names,” Amy Runyon-Harms of ProgressNow Colorado said. “It’s time to call out and stop this dangerous campaign of lies from far-right wing politicians before more lives are lost.”

The actual shooter responsible for the killing is by all appearances mentally ill and reportedly rambled incoherently to police afterwards, “making it difficult for the authorities to pinpoint a specific motivation.”

The man has no apparent political affiliations, has not donated to campaigns or volunteered for any candidates. Instead, media reports describe him as a hermit who lived off the grid with no electricity, and described by neighbors as a crazy man.

But those who claim to represent the interests of women’s health aren’t interested in confronting that sad reality, and perhaps focusing their efforts on helping the mentally ill.

Instead, these two organizations are blustering forward with dangerous rhetoric to politicize a tragedy, with no more proof than the ramblings of a crazy man who uttered the phrase “body parts.”

If ever there was a time to set aside political agendas and let a community and families heal from a tragedy, this would be it.

To ProgressNow Colorado and NARAL, we implore you, just shut up.