colowyoThere are a lot of tough issues that political candidates must tackle if they want voters to reelect them next year; threats of terrorism, a shaky economy, job insecurity, expensive healthcare, and an increasing backlash of feel-good, weak-ass solutions from the fiefdom of political correctness.

Voters are seriously angry this political season, and are Hell bent on shaking up Washington and breaking the politics-as-usual logjam.

It’s not just establishment politicians with whom they are frustrated, but the entire political correctness movement. We’re looking at you, Big Green.

We told you earlier this week about Conservation Colorado’s political ads for U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, thanking him for his vote to shut down the coal industry that keeps the lights and heat on in Colorado at an affordable price for consumers.

Now the League of Conservation voters, in tandem with Conservation Colorado, is targeting U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman for opposing President Obama’s plan to turn off the lights.

“Rep. Coffman has chosen to put polluters’ profits ahead of the health of Colorado’s families,” said Pete Maysmith, Executive Director of Conservation Colorado. “He voted to deny his constituents the critical benefits of the Clean Power Plan. These safeguards will create jobs, grow Colorado’s economy, and protect public health.”

The only jobs that Obama’s plan would create are government regulatory jobs, and by growing Colorado’s economy we can only surmise they mean that folks will have to pay more money for heat and power.

We no longer have the luxury to view our state and country through the lens of first-world problems or climate change.

But if the environmental establishment thinks it’s a sound political strategy to run a Facebook campaign against Coffman for opposing the EPA regulation, or running TV ads for Bennet for supporting it, then more power to them.

This issue campaign will fall on deaf ears, and betters our chances of a Republican sweep come November.