Accident-prevention bumper.

Accident-prevention bumper.

Attention innocent drivers, environmentalists who like to stage fake driver-pedestrian accidents will be at BLM headquarters this morning in Lakewood to deliver a petition filled with fake names to protest energy development.

It’s best everyone avoid the area, in case one of the activists should drop to the ground in front of your parked car and start screaming that your global warming vehicle tried to kill them.

See the video and our post on the farce the Center for Biological Diversity and Rainforest Action Network recently played out at another demonstration in Lakewood.

The greenies will also hold a rally at the Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel Saturday night where Democrats are holding a fundraising dinner. Here’s what the protest group posted on their Facebook page:

All 3 Dem. presidential candidates will be there. The president has the power to deliver this request on public lands, so this is the place to be to demand action.

All three candidates?

Memo to environmentalists: Make sure you are waving signs to get Martin O’Malley’s attention, and if his name is still on the ballot, that’s who you should vote for.

We expect the fundraiser will be largely attended by trial lawyers, so unless you’re driving a Prius sporting a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker, steer clear of this soon-to-be accident scene.