Michael BennetThe Colorado Independent yesterday reported on an odd occurrence at embattled Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet’s downtown Colorado Springs office. Apparently, the office building had metal spikes installed meant to discourage homeless folks from lounging out front. And, now, the spikes have been removed.

You might think, “that Michael Bennet and his staff are such compassionate and loving people to ask that the spikes be removed.” You would be wrong. The reason that the spikes are being removed, according to the Colorado Independent, is because the building’s lawyer had concerns about liability. (Read: you wouldn’t want those pesky homeless folks injuring themselves on one and actually getting rich or anything.)

In fairness to Bennet, the landlord did describe the issue in graphic detail:

“We’ve had homeless people that sleep in there and they get up and defecate in there. They urinate on the windows at 10 o’clock in the morning. It’s just — it’s a problem. My tenants are having to step over them when they come in and out of the building.”

Honestly, Bennet and his staff shouldn’t view this as a commentary on his policy, but as a lesson learned.  Never let the EPA share office space – it can be a really crappy experience.