prairie dogsThis afternoon, the Town of Castle Rock announced that a recall petition had been filed against its leader, Mayor Paul Donohue. Those pushing the recall are the same folks who raised a stink against the town for its handling of prairie dogs. Yes, those rabies-infested, not-cuddly creatures that most Coloradans view as target practice.

The recall petition needs just 147 signatures to get on the ballot, and according to the press release, the petition language has been approved. The next step is to gather signatures. The three Democrats behind the recall are Suzanne Hackett, Malia Reeves, and John Buckley. 

After the success of the teachers union in defeating members of the conservative board majority on the Douglas County School Board, Democrats and Democrats-Disguised-as-Republicans have been emboldened to seize control of Douglas County elected positions using the same model as the school board elections. This is likely not the last we will hear of recalls in Douglas County, PeakNation™. Look for more recalls to come in city councils, and perhaps even the school board.

Liberals, still riding the victory in Jefferson and Douglas Counties, are just getting warmed up.