Jared Polis Bloody NoseU.S. Rep. Jared Polis, who is ignoring the will of his constituents who elected Bernie Sanders in the primary and is instead using his super delegate powers to give that vote away to Hilary Clinton, thinks that the process is controlled by backroom deals.

Sounds like a confession to us.

The best part of the tweet were the responses, including Rod Brueske’s, who called Polis the “king of the back room deals.”

“And while we are at it, let’s get rid of the superdelegate concept, which is antithetical to democracy,” responded Pint Diaries.

Brian Etherton called it a good idea. “On a related note: aren’t you a super delegate?”

And then there was John Russell: “What better place to start than rescinding your superdelegate pledge to Clinton? District 2 voted Sanders. Are we wrong?”

Yes, District 2, it appears you were wrong to vote for Bernie because your elected Democrats are going to override your wishes and vote for Hillary.

Sanders has one chance to win back by Colorado by persuading a handful of delegates to commit to his campaign — a tactic that was kept secret by the state Democratic Party, until the Post blew the lid on them.

So there’s your answer, Polis. However, we expect you will ignore the voices of these “voters,” same as you are doing with their primary votes.