Bennet Aspen ChallengeWhile Presidential Wannabe Bernie Sanders on Saturday was winning Colorado Democrats’ vote for a second time, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s uncontested nomination was booed.

Once Democratic Party Chair Rick Palacio closed the nomination and asked delegates to pick Bennet after no other candidates surfaced, the “ayes” were muted by a chorus of “boos” from Sanders’ base.

If the boos carried louder than the ayes, does that mean the voices of Colorado Democrats were once again denied? We question whehter Bennet’s nomination should have gone forward at all, because it doesn’t sound like he won.

That wasn’t the first time Bennet felt the Bern. According to the Denver Post and Colorado Independent, Bennet was heckled during his speech afterwards.

Shouts of “Change your vote!” echoed throughout the main hall of the Budweiser Event Center as Bennet stumbled through his acceptance speech trying to tell fellow Dems he would seek a second term. But stomping feet, jeering and boos drowned him out.
Several times, he paused, pleading with Sanders’ furious delegates to allow him to finish.
They continued to slam him.

The harsh yet hilarious response to Bennet appears to have put him in a quandary — he could either support Saunders and get his sorry self reelected, or switch his support to Hillary and abandon the party establishment, along with any hopes of a cabinet post in a Clinton administration.

“There’s a time and place for a debate,” he said, referring to the chants. “And this is a time and a place for people to let their voices be heard — for me to hear those voices. And I think that’s what was accomplished today.”

That’s not exactly the heartfelt support that would win Bennet any favors in a Sanders administration. It sounds to us like he’s going to try and save his Senate job at the last minute at the national convention, then throw his support to whoever is winning.