BruceBrownEagle County District Attorney Bruce Brown has some explaining to do. First, the arrogant elected took six and a half weeks of vacation in 2015. And it’s not just 2015, he’s also taken excessive vacation time in other years as well.  As if that weren’t bad enough, he’s not contrite, he thinks he’s entitled to it.

Instead of trying to explain Brown to you, PeakNation, we’re going to give you some of our favorite quotes that Brown offered in his defense because nothing we could say could possibly due him justice. H/T Denver Post.

  • “I don’t answer to anybody within the office,” [Brown] said. “The reason why I take time off is because I’m a public servant, and I’m not a public slave.”
  • “The only year Brown stuck to his office’s policy was in 2013, when the e-mails show he took 19 days off. But those records also point to two additional weeks — one in June and one in July — when he was out of the office but available via phone or e-mail.”
  • “But Brown said the taxpayers didn’t elect him to be present. They elected him, he said, to oversee an efficient and responsive office, which includes monitoring and mentoring 13 deputy district attorneys.”

Call us crazy, but we would imagine that actually being in the office would help with the “oversee[ing] an efficient and responsive office” and “monitoring and mentoring 13 deputy district attorneys.”

Brown’s fellow DAs took significantly less time off. To put it in perspective, George Brauchler, DA in Judicial District 18, has taken just 27 days off since he took office in 2013, and just five days off last year.

The first time Brown appeared on our radar was during his “service” to former Sen. Mark Udall as Attack Dog in Chief. Perhaps Brown should suffer the same fate as former Sen. Mark Udall. Voters should just give the man what he wants when he’s up for re-election – all the vacation time in the world.