A new interview on Rush to Reason is shedding light on the recall of Republican Castle Rock mayor Paul Donahue, whose term is up in November of this year. He is being recalled by a group that some remember from the prairie dog debate from last year, but Dan Meurer, sitting in for John Rush, interviewed a Castle Rock activist, who says that this recall effort is nothing more than a power play by Donahue’s fellow city councilmember – and allegedly Republican – George Teal.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

The gist of the interview is that many people in Castle Rock are upset by the recall effort because Donahue has served ethically and competently. Yet, he is being recalled with a mere 200 or so signatures. The real punch to the gut for Republicans happened at a recent city council meeting at which Teal asked Donahue to resign. Not only did Teal tip his hand and confirm rumors about his support of this recall effort, but he inspired ire from his fellow city councilmembers.

Here is a quote from Councilman Brett Ford during that meeting:

“To me this is offensive I am ready for this to go to vote because Paul has not done anything wrong. I think it’s an insult to bring up having him resign.

“This sends an absolute chill down my spine. If we have someone who committed fraud, perjury, forgery, had done something illegal, I would be the first one to throw him out. But we’re going to throw him out because of leadership style? That’s bull crap.”

Indeed. Republicans just experienced a recall in Jefferson County by teachers unions. To do this to our own is despicable and ugly. And a recall election for someone who is term limited in November anyway is a massive waste of taxpayer resources. Those behind the recall should be ashamed of this heavy-handed action.