obamacare-logo_full-300x243Earlier this week we told you that the Colorado Division of Insurance was cool with the news that two major health care providers were splitting from the state, only because it was not “too much a blow to the system.”

We weren’t the only ones who noticed that it is in fact a blow to the 20,000 Coloradans who will loose their health care with UnitedHealth and Humana’s departure.


U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner said during a speech on the Senate floor this week that the broken promises of Obamacare (and Sen. Michael Bennet, we would add) are evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of Coloradans who have the lost the doctors and the health plans they were promised they could keep.

The Obamacare slogan should have been: “You could keep your insurance plan, but you won’t.”

Here’s what Gardner had to say:

Month after month, headline after headline, Americans are no longer surprised when they hear of another Obamacare disaster as they continue to foot the ever-increasing bill. The President assured Americans time and time again, not to worry, because if you liked your health plan, then you could keep it. Coloradans quickly learned that this promise was far from the truth.

According to the Congressional Research Service, more than 750,000 health insurance plans in Colorado have been cancelled since 2013 when that dreaded law took effect. That includes the cancellation of 335,000 policies the state division of insurance tried to cover up when U.S. Sen. Mark Udall was running for reelection.

The replacement insurance plans we now have keep getting more expensive — premiums are expected to rise sharply and many parts of the country are going to experience double-digit rate hikes.

As Obamacare continues on a downward trajectory, Americans are the ones bearing the brunt of its failures, Gardner said.

Do you hear that, state insurance lackeys? We are the ones bearing the brunt of Obamacare’s failure, because of the collapse of your treasured system.