Hillary Rodham ClintonIs the Democratic Party’s dirtiest little secret out?

According to Gov. Hickenlooper, he doesn’t have to cast his superdelegate vote for Bernie Sanders, who clearly won the state’s Democratic primary, because the national party specifically instructed them to ignore the will of the voters.

That’s the totally lame excuse he laid on USA Today during an interview where he tried to divert attention from the fact he, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and U.S. Rep. Jared Polis are in trouble with the home folks because they will betray voters at the national convention.

Honestly, we think he’s making it up.

“The superdelegates are specifically told … you’re supposed to look at not the vote but the person, who you think is best ready to be president,” Hickenlooper said.

And Hick has made no secret of the fact that he clearly thinks Hillary would make a great running mate president.

It looks like Hick is doing a little pre-disaster spin control for when Sanders supporters make a spectacle of themselves at the party’s national convention in Philadelphia come July.

We expect that Hillary will be shouted down and heckled by Sander supporters in the same vicious manner that Bennet was humiliated during his acceptance speech at Colorado’s Democratic convention.

So does Hick, which is why he said this:

“A convention is a place where you want a little chaos at the beginning and then you want everyone coming together.”

And by coming together, he means the voters better get in line with the party machine, and nominate Hillary.