The Bern remains strong in Colorado despite the Vermont Senator’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, with many local delegates saying they will still cast their vote for him at the Democratic National Convention. Hillary Rodham Clinton

During the Democratic Caucuses, Sanders earned 41 pledged delegates to Clinton’s 25. The rift in the state’s Democratic Party drew primaries and boos for many of the super delegates/elected officials that pledged their support to Hillary even though Bernie is the base’s clear favorite.

The fact that Sanders has suspended his campaign and endorsed Clinton isn’t enough to sway many of his Colorado delegates who appear to be remaining loyal. And then there is Rep. Joe Salazar, who awkwardly told CBS 4’s Shaun Boyd that:

“I have said publicly that if she happens to be the nominee, I’ll vote for her, but my vote does not indicate my endorsement.”

Now, Salazar isn’t know as an intellectual heavyweight, so let us break this down for him… Casting your vote for someone by its very definition is an endorsement. So this weird little line he’s trying to walk a) makes no sense, and b) makes him look like a buffoon.

It also demonstrates the uncomfortable position that Colorado Democrats find themselves in. With enthusiasm for Hillary in the toilet, will Colorado Democrats even turnout to vote for her?