Hillary Rodham ClintonJust who does Senator Bennet support for his party’s nomination for president? He was resoundingly booed by the large contingent of Bernie Sanders supporters at the Colorado Democrat Convention in April.  Screams of “change your vote,” jeers, and foot stomping almost shut down his acceptance speech for the nomination for U.S. Senate.

But we can’t figure out why he cannot bring himself to an enthusiastic endorsement of Hillary Clinton – and it was on full display in Philly.

It started over a year ago when he initially endorsed her candidacy. Instead of the glowing reviews that others gave her, he just checked the box. Then, Bennet, punched his ticket to the DNC as one of the controversial “superdelegates” in a system that was rigged to deliver the nomination to Clinton.

But when the time came to cast his roll call vote for Clinton at the DNC, Bennet was AWOL.  In fact, he was the only member of the Colorado delegation not to make the vote. His campaign claimed that he was on the campaign trail in Colorado.

How convenient.

How does he really feel about Clinton as president, and what she has accomplished in her past that makes her well qualified for the office?  If not Bernie, if not Clinton, then who? Maybe he’s “Feeling the Johnson”. Is Bennet one of the Democrats that Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is peeling off from the left?