democrat-republicanHillary Clinton told Coloradans today that they should support her for president because she likes fire marshals, the internet, education, and campaign donors in Aspen.

She hates guns, Donald Trump, and the media we presume, because she hasn’t held a press conference since December.

She did grant an interview to Channel 9 News, and we were ever so excited that maybe she would be asked one of the questions we posed earlier today. But alas, she was not. She was asked to comment on how mean Trump was being to her.

It wasn’t exactly a barn burner of a speech she delivered today in Commerce City, mostly just the same old tired rhetoric that manages to gloss over everything voters are really interested in, namely, will she ever go to jail?

Meanwhile, Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, spoke in Denver, we think. We weren’t there, so we looked to the Denver Post for the rundown, but found only one quote in the entire story on Pence’s speech, from Pence.

Pence told the crowd that Democrats are telling America the current economy is the best the country can do.

“It’s not the best we can do, it’s just the best they can do,” Pence said. “When Donald Trump is president of the United States we’re going to balance our budget, cut our taxes … and we’re going to make the American economy work for everybody.”

The rest of the article criticized Trump, which ironically, is what the story on Hillary’s speech did — trash Trump.

The entire article on Hillary was filled with glowing praise, no Republicans were asked to criticize her, but Democrats were given free rein to criticize Trump in the Pence piece.

The coverage was so unbalanced, we have to wonder why the Post even bothered going to the Pence speech.

Oh, right. To trash Trump.