Coffman FoxOne of the hardest working politicians in America, Colorado’s own Mike Coffman, got a nice boost today from a number of business groups in his competitive 6th Congressional District.  The South Denver Metro Chamber, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Colorado Business Roundtable, and the Northwest Douglas County Economic Development Council all lined up behind former small business owner Mike Coffman for his re-election campaign.

Not only are these groups vocally supporting Coffman, some of them are coming out hard against his Democrat challenger, trial attorney Morgan Carroll, who has a disastrous track record on small business issues.

A small business owner and chair-elect of Women in Business of the South Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Kim DeCoste said in a press release today, “Morgan Carroll has introduced legislation that will harm small businesses. We simply don’t need another trial lawyer in Washington. We need a solid leader with real world experience – we need Mike Coffman.”

Jeff Wasden, President of the Colorado Business Roundtable, said “Mike, unlike his opponent, does not supports a single-payer health care system that kills jobs and would put Colorado at a competitive disadvantage. Bottom line, Mike is on the side of small business and that is important to not only our business, but to business owners across the district.”

Whether it is fighting reform of Colorado’s construction defects laws, the biggest impediment to affordable housing in our state, or her support of single payer healthcare in Colorado, Carroll is consistently aligned against the interests of middle class families in our state.  Widespread small business support of Mike Coffman’s campaign should not come as much of a surprise, given the terrible record that his opponent has racked up on basic, kitchen table issues that really matter to Colorado voters.