220px-Cory_Gardner,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressIt’s literally taking an act of Congress to force the EPA to pay up for the Gold King Mine spill disaster they caused more than a year ago.

The U.S. Senate Thursday passed language authored by Sen. Cory Gardner to demand they pay up, and cooperate with local government to monitor water quality for the foreseeable future.

From Gardner:

“It’s unacceptable that many Coloradans affected by the EPA’s reckless release of three million gallons of contaminated water into the Animas River are still waiting for reimbursement from the agency. What’s worse is that the EPA wanted to cut off reimbursements from response costs on October 31, 2015.”

The next hurdle for the bill is to pass the House. Maybe Gail Schwartz can convince her buddy Nancy Pelosi to add this legislation to the Democratic agenda.

Then the bill would have to be signed by President Obama, who has a record for holding the EPA accountable for zip.

If by some miracle the bill makes it into law, it gives the EPA 90 days to pay for the response costs, and reimburse locals for the costs of monitoring activity.