laura_j-_woodsThe left’s hate machine is running full-speed against State Senator Laura Woods.  A few weeks ago, we reported on a crazed Democrat activist making homicidal threats against Woods – perhaps ginned up by the bizarre and inaccurate claims made by the hate ads against

On one of the websites, detractors falsely claim that she would ban abortions in the case of “rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is in danger.”  Just one problem – nowhere does she claim to hold that view.

But the website’s authors are not constrained by facts.  They go on to claim that Woods voted against SB 15-039 and supported a plan that could have blocked access for hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation on our public lands, and make it easier to split them up and sell them off to out of state interests like oil and gas companies.”  The only problem is that voted in favor of SB 15-039, which passed.  She voted no on two amendments to the measure proposed by Senator Jessie Ulibarri.

Additionally, a commercial that is being run against Woods makes the outrageous claim that she is against in-state tuition for children of active duty servicemembers.  While Woods was one of numerous senators to vote against the third reading of HB 15-1215, the measure was immediately reconsidered and Woods voted yes.  The measure passed the State Senate 34-0-1 and was signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper.

As a great campaigner and tough and accomplished legislator, Woods knows how to take a punch, but she should not have to be deflecting outright lies and misrepresentations about her record.  And, we’re here to set the record straight.