At the height of election cycle madness the television ads, mail and phone calls can become overwhelming to say the least. And for campaigns, it can be hard to break through the noise and actually reach voters with your message.

So Colorado Citizens for Accountable Government is getting creative to get noticed.

CCAG and sent a clever little box with a fortune cookie inside to highlight the fact that Democrat Rachel Zenzinger voted for a taxpayer funded junket to China as a member of the Arvada City Council. The fortune reads: “Past actions are the best predictors of future behavior, so remember Zenzinger’s actions.” Zenzinger is running for Senate District 19 against Republican Laura Woods.



We’ve already written about how this particular attack gets under Zenzinger’s skin like none other. She even complained to the JeffCo DA about it, which is just embarrassing for her. This same attack about voting to use public money for a trip to China was successfully used against her in 2014. When she tried to get a TV ad removed that cited the vote, attorneys at Comcast weren’t buying it and were happy to let the ad stay on the air. Not letting your opponents see you sweat is possibly the number one rule of running for office, but it seems like no one told Zenzinger that.

But back to the fortune cookie. What’s so great about this particular political ad is that unlike the typical glossy mailers that get thrown in the trash after about 5 seconds, voters are going to spend some time reading and digesting the fortune cookie. The race in SD 19 is close and could determine control of the Colorado Senate, so a clever piece like this one could be a real difference maker.