DemocratsDemocrats are celebrating a new poll by Magellan Strategies that shows Hillary winning Colorado by six percent over Donald Trump.

Cue the sad trombone: The RealClearPolitics average that showed her ahead by 4 percent just days ago, today shows that gap closing quickly.

And, it includes the Magellan poll.

Hillary’s lead is reduced to 2.6 percent, a likely reaction to the news that the FBI has her in the crosshairs to two investigations.

One is the email scandal that the FBI reopened last week, plus the revelation of a pay-to-play scheme by the Clinton Foundation that was exposed by Wikileaks, where donors contributed millions of dollars in exchange to special access to Hillary.

The University of Denver Poll this week shows Trump and Hillary are tied, and with Hillary now at the wheel of the scandal train, Colorado will be one of the closest watched states on Election Day.