Photo credit: Progress Now

In an odd fit of amnesia, protesters outside of Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s office were upset because he could potentially vote to repeal and replace Obamacare. Their reason for being upset? They were concerned that people could lose their insurance coverage.


Where were these passionate insurers when Democratic Sens. Udall and Bennet passed Obamacare without a single Republican vote? Perhaps they have forgotten that Obamacare, with the support of members of their own party, killed insurance coverage for nearly two hundred thousand Coloradans. And that’s just one round of cancellations. Why did they not protest Sens. Udall and Bennet? And, then, when Sen. Udall’s staff tried to cover up the cancellations by bullying Insurance Commissioner staff, did these well-organized (and, dare we speculate, well-paid?) protesters march around either Democratic Senator’s office in Colorado?

Of course not.

The truth is that Sen. Gardner has been standing up for Colorado and exposing Obamacare’s pitfalls. Perhaps some people (like the ones taking millions of taxpayer dollars for illegal contracts) don’t like that the gravy might end, but to call out Sen. Gardner out for standing up to a bill that has done so much damage to so many Coloradans is just ridiculous.

But let not the truth get in the way of a good protest, right lefties?