For goodness sake, Rep. Jenet, you work in the state Capitol – don’t you know where you are? Last week, we poked fun at Rep. Dafna Jenet (D-CT) for featuring the wrong state Capitol on her website. Last week, she featured the inside of the Texas State Capitol, which is conveniently labeled with the letters T-E-X-A-S. An astute reader pointed that Jenet had changed her photo. We assumed it corrected the photo to feature the Colorado State Capitol. We assumed wrong.

This week, Jenet featured the dome of the Connecticut State Capitol for the picture associated with the work and page “Priorities”. So, this week, her priorities are…Connecticut?  We don’t get it. Here’s a picture of Jenet’s home page along with a picture of the Connecticut State Capitol.

For the love of God, Rep. Jenet, here are the Google results from Colorado + State + Capitol + Dome. There are many options from which to choose. Do we have to do everybody’s job around here?

Last week’s faux pas was embarrassing. This is just ridiculous.