We are ever so proud of PeakNation™ for taking up the banner against Liberal activists, specifically the ones who waste everyone’s time by disrupting town hall meetings like they did with Rep. Mike Coffman. The ones who hold fake town meetings to create fake news about Republican lawmakers, and the hypocrites that were perfectly fine when their party’s lawmakers held conference calls with constituents to discuss issues.

As we told you earlier this week, U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton made a surprise showing at the faux town hall meeting organized by national activist groups to attack Republicans. So shocked were they, kind words were actually said.

In addition to that town meeting, Tipton announced Friday he will hold a conference call inviting all his constituents to speak with him directly about their concerns.

Democrats don’t like the teletown hall meetings anymore, because they can’t make a spectacle of themselves for the media to cover, and boy are they bitching about it on Tipton’s Facebook page.

Coloradans are standing up to these taunts now, like Fred Bauer, who had this to say:

Maybe if liberals were respectful, public town hall meetings could be held. Disrupting the meetings doesn’t solve anything.

And this from Sophie Hager:

Perhaps what is happening in DC is more important than face to face townhall meetings right now where snowflakes and angry liberals attend only to disrupt.

Interestingly, most of the complaints are that Tipton is not in the community holding these meetings, ignoring the simple fact that Congress is in session.

We didn’t elect him or any other member of Congress to be our psychotherapist and hold listening sessions every week so we could cry that we’re not getting enough free stuff. When Congress is in session, we fully expect him to be there casting votes and writing legislation.