A national group of activists from the Colorado branch of the Action Network protested in front of U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s office this week, ostensively to thank him for standing up for Medicaid funding, but that’s not what they really want.

Their true agenda was revealed by KKTV:

The protesters who rallied Tuesday said that they wanted to see Gardner support Planned Parenthood the same way he stood up for Medicaid.
Jessica Lawyer with Colorado Action Network, Colorado Springs branch said, “We’re here to thank him but we also want him to know that we need to stand up for Planned Parenthood, we need Planned Parenthood, and we need a better replacement plan, this plan is not going to cut it.”

So they’re not worried about pre-existing conditions, fines charged for not purchasing insurance, sky-rocketing costs that make the fines look affordable, or folks not being able to find a regular doctor.

They only care about one specific chain of clinics, Planned Parenthood.

Newsflash: There are gynecologists across the country who offer the same services, and they accept private as well as government insurance.