In the media’s rush to blame the Firestorm explosion on fracking before the investigation into the home’s water heater explosion has been completed, the Denver Post decided it would be a good idea to create and publish a map of every well in the state.

In their rush to journalism, we wonder if perhaps they didn’t think through this decision carefully enough before publishing the map.

It’s not just they are up to the media’s typical scare tactics after a big story, trying to frighten an entire community, or state, by suggesting that the same disaster could befall them. There’s still no proof the water heater being worked on when the explosion occurred was caused by fracking.

But the timing is also off because it comes on the heels of another story that has gained national attention — a fractivist’s call to blow up wells and shoot gas workers.

And now, radicals who might take him seriously have a handy dandy map to target wells for mayhem.

Perhaps if one of the Denver Post reporters had actually written about the letter authored by Andrew O’Connor of Lafayette that was published in the Daily Camera, someone there would have given the map a second thought.