We love when we can sit back and watch the drama unfold. We have been saying for months now that Democratic Congressional candidate Levi Tillemann Dick was in violation of Federal Election Commission rules. It looks like the Democratic establishment was listening because Karen Middleton, head of NARAL, hooked up former Arapahoe County Commissioner with local Democrats who had concerns about Tillemann Dick’s allegedly illegal campaign activities.

Of course, Middleton already is supporting the establishment candidate, Jason Crow, who doesn’t even live in the Sixth Congressional District. We’re sure that had nothing to do with her overwhelming concern about Tillemann Dick’s activities (wink, wink).

Here’s the crux of the complaint, according to Colorado Politics:

“Patricia Ann Noonan, a former Arapahoe County commissioner, filed a complaint last week with the Federal Election Commission, pointing to language Tillemann used on a website, in a video and in a Twitter exchange with a Coffman strategist. In several cases, Noonan maintained, Tillemann represented himself as a candidate by saying what he ‘will do’ if elected, such as pledging, ‘I will fight for progressive causes. And I will fight for you.'”

And, while we’re celebrating blue on blue violence, we’ll give credit where credit is due to Compass Colorado for getting this ball rolling. The organization has been complaining about Tillemann Dick’s obvious campaign violations for months.

But, really, how sad for Democrats in Rep. Mike Coffman’s district. They have literally never had the opportunity to pick their Democratic candidate – it’s always been handed down on high from the Democratic establishment. Now, this is 2016 presidential election happening all over again. Democrats have two candidates from which to choose – the pro-Bernie candidate in Tillemann Dick and the establishment candidate in Crow. It’s too bad the Democratic establishment is trying so hard to squash the voices of the grassroots. Again. Will the grassroots rise up or will they again be told to sit down and shut up?