Peabody Energy is capitalizing on Trump’s energy policies and wants to lease more than 600 acres of public mining land in Routt County.

That policy is the repeal of an Obama era regulation that put a moratorium on coal leases.

The Denver Post reports:

The coal producer, coming out a bankruptcy filing that disrupted Routt County’s tax base, estimates it could recover 4.1 million tons of coal from the lease area, generating about $13 million in royalties, half of which would go to Colorado, according to the BLM.

The lease would help the mine to continue at its current employment level of 365 people, the BLM says.

Nearly 400 mining jobs with Peabody Energy

The New Mexico-based WildEarth Guardians has already declared they will do their “damnedest” to block the Colorado lease.

There’s no word from Belgium Brewery as to whether they will subsidize the environmentalists’ efforts to try this again in the Northwestern part of the state. The last time they tried it a beer boycott ensured because as it turns out, not everyone is against affordable electricity.