Photo courtesy of CrowdPac

As if Harvey Weinstein’s sexual exploits were not bad enough, it appears as though the Democratic Party has another sexual predator on its hands in Aurora. Democratic Aurora City Council candidate Abel Laeke was charged with a class 5 felony, a sexual contact charge, in 2005, according to Colorado Bureau of Investigations. According to CBS4, a background check showed that he pleaded guilty by reason of insanity. Wow, the hits just keep coming for this guy.

So, Laeke wasn’t “just” a sex offender, he was an insane sex offender. That’s definitely someone we need as an elected official. The Aurora City Attorney is careful to note that Laeke’s plea agreement is not technically a conviction, so he is still eligible to run for office.  Regardless, we have to ask – what the heck is going on in Aurora and inside the Democratic Party?

Of course, reading the Aurora Sentinel, you’d never know that Laeke was a Democrat, which is the best/worst trick journalists use to throw discussions about fellow Democrats. Perhaps the journalist failed to note because City Council candidates in Aurora do not run as members of a political party. Laeke isn’t the first Democratic candidate in Aurora to have a lengthy rap sheet – remember Eric Nelson, Aurora Public Schools Board Member?

Nonetheless, for a party that claims to be a champion for women, they sure do have a lot of sexual predators.