The Democratic Governors Association (DGA) announced at a big DC event that they planned to spend at least $20 million to win the Colorado Governor’s seat in 2018 so that the Democratic Governor (if a Democrat wins) can throw the redistricting process to favor (even more) Democrats in Colorado in 2021.

That’s right. While Democrats are crying gerrymandering from 2011, we feel it’s necessary to remind PeakNation™ that Democrats, not Republicans, gerrymandered the House and Senate seats last go-round. In fact, maybe we need to remind Democrats that they admitted as much in 2015. From DailyKos:

“The Democrats’ best chamber is Colorado, where the median seat is 7.9 points to the left.”

In fact, the Colorado State House favors Democrats even more than California’s General Assembly. True story. Further evidence of the left’s gerrymandering? As we noted in 2015:

“In 2011, the Democrats drew a House map that was so grossly gerrymandered that statehouse Republican candidates were able to earn over 189,000 more votes that Democrat candidates this cycle yet still not take over control of the chamber.”

That’s why it’s so perplexing to read the following statement in the Colorado release from Democratic Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, the DGA Unrig the Map Chair:

“Electing Democratic governors this year is critical to peeling back the GOP gerrymander of 2011 and winning back a Democratic majority in Congress. We launched Unrig the Map – and made it a priority when I was Chair of the DGA – because we are committed to reversing those maps and making sure that voters are the ones to choose their elected leaders, not the other way around.”

WTF is this guy talking about? Either he’s some kind of idiot or his staff didn’t brief him on the state whatsoever or he just makes sh!t up. Either way, what you should know is that Democrats will spend whatever it takes to control the redistricting process and push Colorado even deeper blue.